Monday, December 12, 2011

The time is always right to do what is right!

I've given myself six months to start up my business. I think that's reasonable. I'm one month in and the last 30 something days has been a wild adventure. From starting off working for parliamentarians with Sammy to editing speeches with my journo mom, dealing with new clients on Gumtree (some cool some a HUGE waste of my time) to writing mini blurbs for a range of things.

It all sounds rather vague because it has been. It's been a mish mash of late night typing and plenty of visits to, worrying about money and also not worrying about money, thanks to the large chunk I saved before I quit. Trying to figure out exactly how I plan on getting a real job in the industry or whether I should stick to freelance.

The decision has been made though and from next year I am on the hunt for a job. If Carte Blanche is still active and giving the finger to the Protection of Information Bill then I seriously hope they will hire me to work there. I will gladly make copious amounts of coffee and suck-up with doughnuts.

However for now, I am living through the ups and downs of a new freelancer. There are days when I don't even bother getting out of my pajama's, the BF arrives home to the wild haired maniac he left early in the morning and then there are days when I fall into bed speaking in tongues to the BF, my extensive vocabulary puzzles him and I often have to explain in laymen's terms what the hell I'm talking about. When my fingers are so cramped from typing at a crazy rate.

If I can't find the right job for me then I'll keep freelancing. I have settled for shit before and I don't plan on it again. I have realised that I need to make up for all those incessantly boring days holed up at my day job doing the same mind fucking shit over and over again is never going to get me where I want to be.

If you want to change you life right now, do it. My mother loved this quote by Martin Luther King, "The time is always right to do what is right." And that applies to just about everything. Do what is right for you. Make the leap of faith, you will find out just how capable you are of making a success of yourself.

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