Monday, January 30, 2012

And ... I'm back!

I’m so sorry, I know I said two weeks and it turned into a month but I have a few solid excuses;
Here goes,

1.      Being freelance your clients are completely oblivious to the fact that you are not available at 6:00 am and 11:40pm at night. They don’t care. They are incapable of fending for themselves. Some of my clients are completely computer illiterate and phone me yelling that they’ve deleted ‘everything’. Some days I feel like their psychologist, secretary and wife which leaves me exhausted and neurotic. I am a natural born helper; I will drop everything to be at anybody’s service. The first week went very much like this;

Client: “Can you just help me with this one thing.” Me: “Sure”. Four hours later ….

2.      The second week I decided would be dedicated to all those things you never get around to doing when you’re busy. Like buying moisturiser and tampons (which I normally  find in the bottom of handbags and hidden in strange places like the utility draw in my flat) and searching desperately for that stunning black short jumpsuit from Woolies on the ‘Last of the Best Seller’s’ rails and only finding size 8. Fail.

3.      Week three; I helped my hilarious friend in her fifties downgrade her amazing closet of Louis Vuitton shoes and bags, vintage suits and numerous French lace bras. We spent an entire week smoking stuvies, drinking cheap wine out of her crystal glasses with our arms deep in designer threads. She’s inspired me to write a story about her and other women who have lived a life of luxury until the recession.

4.      Queue panic as my family and I discovered that my father’s oil rig is floating happily right in the path of a massive cyclone. He was the last man left standing as the Risk manager and Rig Supervisor trying to get his team to dry land. My father is no sissy so when he phoned us slightly teary we all went a bit mental with worry. I’m relieved to report he made it off safe and sound and is somewhere wondering around Perth. I can’t say the same for the rig.

So as you can see I didn’t get to lie topless on the beach as previously planned along with warm nights getting drunk and dancing to 80’s music at Deco Dance with Hamilton.

And now it’s back to work with me, however I have dedicated this entire week to getting back to blogging.

Cheers Dears.

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