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Natalie Leicher : Stylist / Dancer / Jeans Enthusiast

Natalie Leicher

I'm late, well only by a minute or two but Natalie is waiting for me when I press the buzzer at her perfectly situated Sea Point apartment which she shares with two good friends who she describes as being an extension of her family. It (the apartment) over looks Rocklands beach and the vibe of Sea Point filters into the sunny apartment and perfectly captures the person Natalie is; warm, happy, energetic and fresh.
I was greeted at the door by a smiling Natalie Leicher and as always she looks effortlessly put together. Wearing a peach printed blouse that appears to be one of her many vintage finds, her trademark ripped denim jeans and a stunner pair of grey cut out gladiator sandals. She is the epitome of Cape Town cool.

However Natalie was born and raised in Johannesburg, she first arrived in Cape Town during her primary school years and it was love at first sight, “living in Cape Town is like continuously being on holiday”.
Her blog Saturday girl was inspired by her then weekend job every Saturday. The blog allows her to have a sort of alter ego and an outlet for all her inspired creativity.

“At school, we kept visual diaries for drama, after school I continued the visual journal. Putting in things I liked, fashion, food, photography, whatever, but when I moved I realised I wanted to share what I loved with other people. I had books and books; I wanted them to be a little bit more public. So I started a blog as an online visual journal” explains Natalie.
Saturday Girl is a series of inspiring images, prints and a collection of her famous lists. “Lists are great because they’re just an outlet for mentioning the good, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s an outlet of points about how I feel and what I see, a compact version of my life.”
Her instinctive fashion edge is obvious, her closet it a treasure trove that seems to be overflowing with vintage gems,  jewelry, handbags, shoes and sunglasses with an entire shelf dedicated to her love of denim. She is a self-confessed denim addict. “Denim is classic and it looks good on anyone, no matter what your shape is, it’s timeless.  Denim really holds a story.”
Natalie’s personal style is inspired by a few stylish celebs; Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson, Mila Kunis and predominantly her mother.

“She loved shoes, fashion and magazines. Growing up I always had that around me. In Joburg, the fashion vibe there is different; people get dressed up there all the time. So I saw how well my mom dressed and that was a huge influence. She has these cool vintage handbags and sunglasses and belts. Vintage pieces have a history to them, they tell a story.”

A dancer by trade, two years into the end of her studies she injured her back and quickly learnt that she had pushed herself too hard instead of just enjoying the essence of dance. “I took my passion and turned it into my career and all my future plans rested upon my ability to dance, when that fell through I lost my passion for dance, and, my career.” 

Enter Plan B, which was never part of any plan to begin with, and Natalie's love of fashion came into play. “Styling just popped up and was a natural creative outlet for me.”

Styling is big business and although Natalie is just starting out she has plenty of experience under her knotted belt. “I’ve had amazing opportunities already; I’ve worked on two editorials for the Design Times magazine and done loads of test shoots. I’ve worked with such lovely people. Every model, every make-up artist, every photographer has been so supportive, hardworking and dedicated.”
Her plans for 2012? “Possibly studying visual merchandising, brand management and marketing. This year (2011) has really been a year of discovery.” (Natalie is now enrolled at Vega studying Brand Communication.)
I ask Natalie where she sees herself in the future and her answer is much like any twenty-three year olds;

“I have absolutely no idea. I don’t know what’s going to happen or where I am going to end up but I like to think there is this path I don’t know about that I have been set on, whatever will be will be. Ideally, I would like to have my own store. I want to be a better stronger and wiser version of myself.”

Note: All models in the images are styled by Natalie Leicher.

You can contact Natalie for her styling services on 0839658336 or email
and Like her Facebook Page Natalie Leicher Stylist

Design Times Magazine shoot

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