Monday, February 6, 2012

Old Khaki ~ Unrestricted Love ~ Press Release

Marc and Laura – an Unrestricted love story…

On the 21st January 2010, Marc and Laura met on the set of an Old Khaki photo shoot. It was a summer neither would forget…

At first glance, neither thought the other was their type. There was no big ‘love-at-first-sight’ epiphany.  But as the day progressed they found that they actually had a number of things in common. The director on the shoot picked up on the spark between the two and got to work on photographing them together. The result? The start of a beautiful romance between models, Marc and New York-born Laura.

It may have been the warm summer air, the magnificent location or that sense of feeling unrestricted. Whatever it was, Old Khaki had a little hand in making love happen! 

Today the model couple is blissfully married and it was in Laura’s home city where they decided to tie the knot. Neither subscribed to a traditional wedding and they decided to do things in a slightly more unrestricted fashion. Dressed to the nines they headed to New York City Hall where Laura’s brother and a group of lively strangers watched as they became husband and wife. Their honeymoon was different too with the pair simply enjoying each other’s company, while house-sitting Marc’s mom’s home in the Winelands, recreating the garden, sipping wine while enjoying the South African summer.

The couple will be heading back to New York to start their lives together but will always have Cape Town close to their hearts.

This Valentine Day Old Khaki is spreading unrestricted love even further. For the month of February send in a picture of you and your partner to and one lucky couple could win an Old Khaki wardrobe to the value of R2000. Now that is love in the making…

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