Friday, February 17, 2012

The pros and cons of being a little bit broke.

I'm writing this from my bedroom at my parents house. The walls are dark blue, bordering on black thanks to a spur of the moment redecoration when I bought discount paint with my Christmas money.

It's quite depressing to say the least.

And I'm sad to say I'll probably be back at square one and living at my dad's house in my 4x4 gothic room sharing a house with my uncle (who is wonderful but can't hear all that well so he shouts everything he says, he also ashes everywhere he smokes) and my brother (who is incapable of following any instruction apart from bumming ciggies off me and playing poker) and five dogs and two cats and occasionally my father and his questionable love life.

*Waves goodbye to privacy*

The reason for this is too long to even explain but to be concise I can not afford the rent that is being requested. I wish I could but I quit my job in order not to slaughter my colleagues and myself and although I am immensley happy being freelance it comes with its downsides.

Major downsides to being newly freelance;

  • Cannot afford shoes. This kills me as reborn shoe addict. They say when you start becoming softer around the middle one focuses on one's shoes. When you meet me, just look down.
  • One cannot afford wild nights out. R300 on booze and entrance fees for one night is pretty much my groceries and toiletries and ciggies for a week. So scratch that.
  • One cannot buy into trends. Trends come and go so fast my bank account cannot keep up.
  • One cannot afford lovely coffee's at obscure and trendy eateries around town. The only time one ever enters a coffee shop is to use the free wifi. Then order's the cheapest coffee on the menu.
  • Watering down the washing up liquid and the detergent sucks a bit.
This is the sad reality of my life. For now.

However there are wonderful things about being broke,
  • R19.00 bottles of wine at Spar
  • R8.00 entertainment from Videorite (Addicted to 'Weeds')
  • Reworking your dresses into tops and your jeans into shorts.
  • Second hand shopping is legendary, I found a pair of leather heels from, now I cant remember the designer, but they are designer, for R50.00 from Anything Goes.
  • Having your friends over for coffee.
  • Spending more time at home, therefore getting to know your neighbours (Wazzzzup Nick & Brooke! )
At least if I'm forced to move back home I can watch DSTV, eat and sleep for free, do laundry for free, spend time with my pets and best of all FREE INTERNET!

I think I've convinced myself. I'll miss Indy Bay.
As my mother says, "such is life."

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