Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birthday List

It's my BIRTHDAY this month! The 20th of April to be exact so the present list is in full swing and this is what I would love so far;

Gotye's album - Making Mirror because that song "Somebody that I used to Know" is too beautiful not to listen to on repeat, makes me think of all the people I used to love.

Panties - Mine are in a sad state, although they are pretty, frilly and sexy they're also worn out and

Leather Boots - I am sick to death of wearing cheap boots from Mr Price (no offence) that last a couple of months and when they get wet they make your feet smell like they're rotting. So gross. So a lovely pair of real leather ankle boots would be heavenly and last me a good few years.

A new mascara - Not fussy about the brand as long as it glides on and doesn't make my eyelashes stick together and get clumpy. Suggestions welcome.

Marie Antoinette DVD - One of my all time favourite movies. I am completely obessed with that woman. I have read every memoir on her, diaries from 1700's and even her daughter's memoir which is harrowing. She was in fact a very inspiring and kind person. My brother in a fit of rage and in order to get back at me for deleting his X-Men movie on DSTV, he deleted my recording on Marie Antoinette which was of course devastating.

A vintage typewriter - preferably in working condition. How cool would that be!

A new funky tin opener. Mine is on it last legs and its easier to stab a tin with a knife than attempt to open it with my tin opener!

And last but not least CAKE & Balloons!

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