Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zing Designs ~ Colour Transforms Life

Fiona exudes creativity, her enthusiasm for colour and its ability to transform your mood is what her designs are all about.
Perspex is her medium and out of it she builds light fixtures, switches and sockets, lamps, window colour panels and more, whatever you can imagine, she can make.
I asked her if I could keep her samples for a week and determine if the colours really had an effect on my moods.
When I arrived home, I dug through the BF’s tool box, procured a hammer and some small nails and placed them in areas where I spent the most time.
As a writer I spend most of the day at my desk, thinking up ways to make things sound more exciting to the reader. This can be extremely exhausting and taxing on the mind. I placed the blue and indigo colour panels on the wall near my desk. Blue helps memorise speech and communicate feelings and thoughts and indigo helps with understanding new concepts and to calm mental processes.

I was able to work for longer periods of time without feeling tired and overwhelmed. The words came to me easily.
In the lounge I placed the orange and violet panels directly opposite the arm chairs we sit in the most. It’s where my BF and I end up most evenings talking about work, life, and trying to relax.  I often feel very lethargic after a long day and I’ve been trying to motivate myself to exercise after work. Violet promotes energy; helps rebalance life, and integrate new skills into your life.  Orange removes the feeling of bleakness or boredom.

The moment I hung them I felt and overwhelming sense of happiness and a need to change my routine. And it worked. Instead of sitting in the lounge every evening I went for a long walk around Hout Bay. I felt good about myself, refreshed and motivated to do more.
February was a trying month for me. I was freaking out about money, we are moving out of our flat, which we love, at the end of March and I was stressing about where we would go next. It made me depressed, I felt confused and lost.

The yellow and green panels assist with nervous exhaustion, panic attacks and restore a new sense of balance; they help you cope with restrictions and indecision.
Their energy alleviated the worry and anxiety. I made appointments to view other flats, I found I could better compartmentalize the money issues I had and solve them faster.

I’ve taken them down now to return them to Fiona. It makes me nervous that their effect won’t be there to guide me through the difficult times in my life but not for long as I’m planning on ordering a batch from her to take with me on my new journey.
Colour really does transform your mood and outlook on life.

Side Note:
Why don’t you try out Zing Designs’ colour panels at work, school, at home or even in your car while sitting in traffic? I’m pretty sure the whole of Johannesburg could do with them!

Contact Fiona {Zing Designs} at or call her for a quote or to see her other designs 082 722 4112

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