Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's talk about March ...

Why for God's sakes is March such a hell of a month?

I am typing at this moment from my dad's house in Camps Bay where the internet is free. What a luxury that has become to me ... along with petrol. The price of life is escalating daily and I feel like I really can't keep up with the expenses and the stress of it is making me break out with eczema all over my hands and eye lids. I mean seriously, what a cruel way to make a person suffer. Eczema on the eyeballs.

In a mere month I have moved out of my flat which took exactly 9 hours which is astounding because my flat is only a few metres big as in 56 metres to be exact so one cant fit all that much into a studio flat. The most devastating moment was trying to fit my extensive wardrobe/collection of clothing, shoes and handbags into the minimal cupboard space available. So I am back to the railing vibes which is fine by me because all my things are easy to access, to see and conceptualize outfits. It makes me feel like a stylist.

Besides this I only realised two weeks to our lease ending that now was the time to find a flat, my brain is somewhat delayed at the moment, so in a mere two weeks I managed to make enough money to pay for the first month’s rent and the deposit. No small feat considering I am freelance and my only claim to fame is eating Spar out of Astro’s and writing copy for very nice but very arbitrary companies.

I am majorly proud of myself!

However after paying all of the above I am back to square one. Looking at my bank balance actually makes me ill. I feel dizzy and dumbfounded just imagining the sheer amount of cash that seems to be flowing steadily OUT of my account.

My daily routine now includes flat whites or café mocha’s depending on one’s immediate mood at The Boardroom in Hout Bay which is a lovely, chilled café/shop where all the surfers hang out. I’m there to use the wifi. Although I am there so long that it’s embarrassing and one can only spend so much time on Pinterest oogling all the gorgeous fashion I CANT have.

So excuse the lack of posts but to be honest there is more to life than blogging. I wish I had more time for it. I wish it was my only job and that it paid bucket loads but that’s just not the case. Unfortunately, otherwise I would be stinking rich!

Cheers Dears. xxx

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