Monday, May 21, 2012

Anything Goes

Anything Goes is a tiny little second hand shop in Hout Bay stuck between a Petrol Station and a Health Shop for laanies. It's the most unassuming place in fact when I tell people about it they say they've never seen it or heard of it despite the fact that they live in Hout Bay.

Upon entering you'll be bombarded by the sheer amount of clothing, furniture, accessories and shoes, shoes in boxes, in barrells for days!

The staff are a group of women from Hangberg who are hilarious, helpful and honest, meaning I spend hours there talking to them, trying things on and talking about life.

I've found the most beautiful things there, most recently a Gap trench coat in impeccable condition for only R120.00, a pair of real Italian leather boots (above) never been worn for R240.00 and a woven wool carpet for R100.00.

I've bought Sissy Boy pants for R60.00, Hilton Weiner jeans for R130.00 and brown leather boots for R26.00 there! Some of my most prized items are from Anything Goes.

But I warn you, you'll have to dig, you'll be on your knees sorting through hundreds of shoes, racks of coats and dresses. You'll always find a gem there.

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