Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beauty Advice

Now I am not much of a beauty blogger mostly due to the fact that I'm not all that experimental with make-up and beauty creams and my bank balance doesn't leave much in the way of shopping for expensive luxuries.

However I manage Hidden Beauty Salon's Facebook page and their online marketing, so I have been introduced to the wonders of beauty tips and tricks by the lovely Nancy Cockcroft, owner of Hidden Beauty Salon.

Every other week she sends me some tips and I make them look pretty with pictures and cool fonts (see above) and this is pretty much my only claim to fame in the beauty department.

If you're looking for a real beauty blogger with some seriaaas media balls and hilarious way with words, Leigh van den Berg is your woman! Her blog Lipgloss is my Life always has me in fits of laughter and somehow she renders me engrossed with her latest rants on mascara's and anti wrinkle wonders.

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