Monday, May 28, 2012

How To : Boyfriend Jeans

Aaah Boyfriend jeans, don't they just look so effortless?

But they're not right! They're actually one of the most challenging looks. Nobody (but my 16 year old self) wants to look like so grunge and manly that people do a double take and not in a good way.

The fit is the most challenging, I have trawled every shop in Cape Town searching for the perfect pair, alas no luck. You just can't make woman's jeans look like men's jeans. It defeats the purpose, no?

Here are my tips on CREATING the perfect pair of Boyfriend jeans;

1. Make a beeline for your favourite second hand shop, most likely they will have a men's section.

2. The right pair of men's jeans should fit you snugly around the waist. Chances are they won't do much for your bum, but that's the point, dudes don't work bums like we do. Try pick a pair that isn't too baggy around your crotch and thighs so that you don't look like a member of a bad rock boy band with skating shoes.

3. Take them home and CUSTOMISE! Make rips or fade them with sandpaper, dip dye them in bleach or bedazzle the crap out of them.

4. The look is all about the cuffs, showing some ankle makes them feminine and lengthens your leg. Either roll them up or cut them to size and give them a hem. It's your choice whether they appear neat or scuffed.

5. If by God you can NOT find a pair of second hand men's jeans visit your nearest Woolies and look through the men's selection. They have stunning jeans.

6. Pair with heels/brogues/pumps but keep it feminine with a blouse and blazer or cardigan.

Here's some inspiration!

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