Friday, May 11, 2012

It's the weekend baby!

As a freelance copywriter weekends can be dull. You'd think I do more partying than most but that's somewhat impossible since I am the only one responsible for my pay cheque at the end of a month.
I usually work right through a weekend without ever realising what day it is.

But not this one, maybe it's the sunshine today that's giving me that Friday feeling or the fact that this last week has been tough on me.

So the plan for this weekend goes something like this;

1. Dye my roots. It's a little wack when your hair is dyed brown but your natural colour (blonde) starts coming through at the roots. It appears as if I have grey roots. NOT COOL for a 24 year old.

2. Spend Saturday on the beach with my BF while he shoots yet another surf contest at Llandudno. Drag along Hamilton and attempt to tan my rather pale bene.

3. Saturday night is dedicated to the rather insane bunch of friends I have accumulated over the years, braaing on my teeny tiny balcony, while drinking cheap wine and playing some game which JP will lose and me and Kelly will win.

4. Sunday is my excuse to spend the whole day in bed, reading and eating unhealthily amounts of chocolate.

Cheers Dears


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