Monday, May 14, 2012

Japanese Trawler Makes Itself Comfy @ Clifton

Photo: Ian Thurtell @thurtellphotog (Click to Enlarge)

Photo: Ian Thurtell @thurtellphotog (Click to Enlarge)

Photo: Ian Thurtell @thurtellphotog (Click to Enlarge)

As you all know, well for those of you who follow me on Twitter (@agirlinbloom) I am in the throes of pain with the most motherfucking evil migraine one has ever experienced.

Last night I went to bed at the very uncool hour of 8pm and was fast asleep, loaded up on drugs, at 9:30pm, the BF, also known as Ian Thurtell, all round best body-boarder and legend photographer in all the land ventured out into the pouring rain to photograph the trawler, known as 'Eihatsu Maru' stuck at Clifton 1st beach.

Above are his spooky shots of the vessel, looking so lost and out of place on our shiny Clifton Shores. You can read all about the scandaal here  ....

If you happen to use/tweet/share Ian's photos, please credit the man, he did brave the cold and wild weather to get them along with leaving me alone to suffer.

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