Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Migraine Rant

As I type, my brain is at war with me. Migraine day six is a fucking nightmare, when I awoke this morning, feeling amazeballs with lack of demolition feelings in my kop, I had mistakenly thought that said migraine had buggered off. But no ... it has once again reared it's hideous head.

I am petrified of doctors, in all their forms, dentists, gynaes, pediatricians, surgeons, the lot! So when I was hiding under my duvet yesterday, sobbing quietly while my mother tried her best to extricate me from my warm nest I had created over the last week, I lost my shit.

She planned on driving me to Camps Bay to see my doc. However he is techinically not my doctor, he's this little oke who has replaced my amazing woman doctor who I have been going to since I was fifteen.

I refused vehemently. I was not going anywhere that involved sunlight and required me to debrobe from my warm pj's into clothing. Just the thought made me feel worse.

I have wiki-ied the crap out of my condition, and can not come to any conclusion why a bloody ma se pa se headache would stick around this long without it being fatal.

My dear twitter friend, Leigh van den Berg, who also has tear-your-eyeballs-out headaches, suggested I try Adco-dol, which I did and it worked, for a day or two, now I am on to Norflex which is for tension headaches, not helping much either.

I hate feeling so incapacitated but thank god I don't have a full time job right now otherwise they would have fired me for being off sick for so long and also the crabby whore syndrome that comes along with any form of pain.

The last time I felt like this was 2009 so once this is over I'll be glad to know that it will probably only be coming around in four years.

Anyways dolls, if you know of any remedies, traditional or radical, please pass them on. Am envying Miss Antoinette right now, could do with a good beheading!


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