Monday, May 7, 2012

This week ...

I will be sending nice yet violent emails out to everyone who owes me money.

I will not be lazy and post only pictures on my blog and will make a decent attempt to wow you with my wit and stories of actual substance. (Not likely)
I will not fall asleep before 9:30 like an old lady and then regret not using those most creative midnight hours.
I will wear something other than my awesome Gap jacket (which I bought for R120.00 at Anything Goes) and grey hounds tooth leggings and stop being so useless in the fashion department.
I will be more patient with my mother; this can be incredibly difficult given her knack for buying expensive items then getting bored with her purchases within a month and making me sell them for her on Gumtree.
I will read another novel instead of reading depressing news articles about corrupt politicians on my BlackBerry and will not allow said novel to engulf me so much as to make me a crabby psychotic cow like ‘Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale, did. Excellent read by unbelievably depressing. 
I will not argue with the BF about HUGE, Monstrous TV that has been planted in our tiny living room despite my distaste for televisions in general. I will merely boycott said BF and Monstrous Television by ignoring the fact that it is there. This is hard for me because I am suppressing a mild rage as I dislike being forced into keeping things I didn’t want in the first place.

I will stop eating ‘Oats So Easy’ as if they are meals. It is not acceptable to have oats not only for breakfast but also lunch and supper. I will go grocery shopping and cook healthy meals and eat them at the appropriate hours.
I will stop making lists beginning with “I will”.

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