Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping Spree

Suede pumps – Woolworths
Faux snakeskin oversized clutch – Mr Price
Purse with lock – Mr Price
Wrap around bracelet – Mr Price
Semi-precious stone bracelets – Local designer
Gold statement necklace – Local Designer

These are this month’s purchases bought in drips and drabs but no less loved and cherished. These are all little gifts to myself that I felt I deserved after a rather tough few months. I’m completely obsessed with the clutch which I bought at the Cavendish Mr Price branch last week. The place was an absolute mess (what’s new) and the queue was like the length of the store (what’s new there too) but I had to have it. It ended up being a real bargain because when they rung it up at the counter it came up at R30.00 instead of R60.00! Score!
The semi-precious stone bracelets and the gold statement necklace I bought from one of my mom’s friends. Anna makes all kinds of jewellery and my mom is busy helping her move out of her studio so she gave us these at a seriaaasly discounted price.
It’s nice to spoil yourself every now and then, even if you’re not spending big bucks, just to have a few new/cheap items to add to your look, feels lovely.

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