Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surfer's Girlfriend: What to Wear & Pack

Winter Beach Look

Winter Beach Look by jodileza featuring denim skinny jeans

A while ago I wrote a column on Wavescape about "Guide to being a surfer's girlfriend". They called it the 'Surf Widow Diaries' and from now on I will have a regular column on Wavescape providing that I have plenty of wild surf girlfriend escapades to write about! My last column had 1521 hits which I am VERY proud of *smug face*.

There's one vital subject I haven't written about and that's the "what to wear when you're a surfer's girlfriend'. I'm going to do short posts about this starting .... Now!
Ladies, being a surfer's GF is no small task, it involves plenty of vaccuming and rearranging of surfboards in your living room and mostly following your BF around while he scouts waves.

Seeing as in SA this mostly takes place in winter when it's hideously cold, raining, kak windy and such, you need to be prepared to say the least.

Dress warm and comfortable, it aint all about bikini tops and showing off your midriff and wearing too-short denim shorts.

Always pack a bag of supplies; toiletpaper, I can't tell you how many missions I have been on without toilets where I have had to make covert pee operations. This one time my friend Greg wiped his bum with a leaf and spent the entire day crying that his bum was on fire. Said leafy had a burny vibe.

Pack food, chances are you'll get bored which means hungry to most women. Carbs are best, chips with rolls et voila 'chip rolls' are lank yummy, filling and cheap. Also your boyfriend will thank you. Pack your phone charger for the car, running out of Battery 30 minutes into a 5 hour surf mission sucks.

ALWAYS have a first aid kit with you, whether that is a fat pack of plasters and some dettol and cooton wool or a full on Paramedic handbag, it's important.

This one time my BF paddled out to shoot (photograph) his friends at Llandudno and a moerse wave caught him and his camera housing klapped him in the head. Cue lots of blood.

Wear solid and warm shoes, Uggs optional, depending on your love/hate relationship with them. I always opt for Converse. Jeans need to be comfy too, not suctioning-in-thigh-squishing-muffin-top-making-girdles.
I bought a Parka on sale at Woolworths for R200.00. It has literally saved my life from freezing to death in the BF's legend but rusty Golf which has human hand sized holes in it. Your parka should be long enough to cover your bum, so you dont get numb-bum when watching your man surf. Whatever you wear under is totally up to you.

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