Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The (Chic) Bag Lady Look

I don’t know what to tell you dolls but there aint no ‘look of the day’ that can fashionably combat this hideous weather. It’s been raining and cloudy for so long now I can’t remember what they sky looks like. I live in Hout Bay so I am allowed to be a little dramatic when it comes to weather. It’s like the vagina of Cape Town to be frank. Moist and the valley runs so deep the sunshine can’t reach its depths. (I’ve clearly been watching far too many episodes of Game of Thrones)

My stylish advice would be to become a bag lady. I myself am a fan of the chic bag lady apparel.

1.      Invest in a sturdy coat; these can be found at the most unlikely outlets such as Pep and just about any moth ball smelling second hand shop all over Cape Town.

2.      Wear a collection of jerseys underneath coat armour, the more woolly and scarily patterned the better.

3.      Pair with leggings or worn jeans and a sturdy pair of platforms or boots.

4.      Finish off with a scarf knitted by an old lady and a vintage handbag.

Et voila! Bag Lady Chic.

In case you were all wondering why I have been AWOL for a couple of weeks it is due to my intense dislike for winter, hence the hibernation and my general lack of broke-ness which hinders my social media updates. Pray for sunshine and generous donors people otherwise I may have to trade the BF in for a sugar daddy. Times are hard. 

Bag Lady looks compliments of Eleonora Carisi and others.

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