Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Amazing Things Right Now

1. There is nothing more amazing than tracksuits. Yes, I said Tracksuits. Put one on and voila! You are dressed. I've been living in mine for a couple of days now (don't worry it's been in the wash a couple of times) and it consists of my favourite grey Science hoody and a pair of black yoga pants with pink plimsolls. God, I love comfort. I give such excellent fashion advice ... not.
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers are coming to CAPE TOWN motherfaaackers! Now if you're not completely befuck happy about this, then you're probably listening to Rihanna right now whining about Chris Brown klapping her around and therefore you are no friend of mine. Trying to procure tickets to this concert has been a sad sad situation so I am entering Cape Town Alive's RHCP competition in a desperate attempt to see this amazeballs band. You can enter here too.
David Lilienfeld / Photo / Ian Thurtell
3. I'm really looking forward to The Warrior Challenge in honour of David Lilienfeld, it's a one of kind Bodyboarding event taking place at Glen Beach, (where I was born and raised) David's favourite surf spot. The contest will raise funds for Shark Spotters, NSRI and WP Bodyboarding. The event will be held on 22nd and 23rd of September. The seriaaasly cool news is that unlike most surfing contests, The Warrior Challenge has one division and no age groups. To enter check out the details here. Prizegiving is at the legendary Dizzy's so come chill in the sun, perv hot boys and then get their numbers later!
4. Winter is almost over ... almost and by the looks of my body I'm going to need some serious pampering before I get nekkid on the beach. This is where my favourite sister in law comes in, Nancy Cockroft owner of Hidden Beauty Salon in Newlands offers a myriad of treatments to get you bikini ready. Her prices are also so affordable. Nancy does spray tanning, waxing, facials, mani's and pedi's, massage and much more. Give her a call to book your appointment 073 313 6150 or email

5. I just got paid. A lot of money and for a journalist/writer/blogger this means one thing and one thing only... Shopping! And I'm starting off at Mr Price and working my way up to ZARA (where I'll probably only be able to afford to buy a hairband). Friday can't come sooner!

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