Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Desktop Decor

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Working from home as a freelance copywriter can be seriously distracting, you have to have plenty of motivation to complete projects and meet deadlines without being distracted by Gareth on 5fm and the easy to reach avo on toast with endless cups of coffee.

But if you're organised and your workspace is inviting then it makes it fun and aids productivity. I need to feel the creative juices flowing 24/7, so the focus is on making my workspace a fun place to work.

Here are some tips to enhancing your home made office.

1. Hang pictures in line with your vision, especially if you don't have a lekker view to day dream to.
2. Put up some encouraging quotes or words to help you focus. Frame them or just plak them on the wall with some prestick.

3. Colour can really affect your mood, your productivity and your creative thinking.
I have these awesome perpex hanging colour panels that are specifically designed to assist a writers mood. You can buy these from Fiona of Zing Designs email
Otherwise paint your wall an inspiring colour or hang a picture that has those colours in it.

Fiona of Zing Designs Colour Panels
4. Not all of us can afford designer stationery to keep all our notes, files and pens in. I find glass jars in funky colours to hold my pens, jewelrey boxes from Mr Price Home are great for keeping staplers, post it's, glue and paper clips in. For filing I love the idea of using a dish rack and a slinky to hold business cards!

The idea is to have as much fun as possible with your desk decor, since we spend so much time sitting at them!

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