Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do not be fooled by this haircut!

The last time I cut my hair short was when I was sixteen and honestly thought I was Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain's child ... however it turns out that Frances Bean was already in existance.

I did it myself in my family bathroom with the kitchen utility scissors. I thought it looked amazeballs. Of course it did for like a whole week and then it became it's own person on top of my head, refusing to co operate and come down from it's highhorse. No amount of mousse or curling tongs came to my aid. Of course le GHD had not been in SA yet and so no good hair days were had by me.

Only when it started to grow out did it look socially acceptable and that grown-out look is a super hot trend.

I posted this picture I made on my blogs Facebook page and my dear friend Shane` came to my immediate rescue and reminded me that this look aint for the faint hearted and the impatient.

You know how in How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) Ted writes himself letters to remind himself why he broke up with all his girlfriends so that he doesn't date them again, well this reasoning is something all women should put into action.

Write yourself a letter and attach a photograph of what you looked like, why you cut your hair in the first place, or even an outfit you thought looked so amazeballs at the time but really made you look like a fat Madonna from the Eighties.

You'll never make that mistake again. As much as I love this hairstyle, the truth is none of us have an army of hairstylists to control this beautiful beast.

*Thanks Shane`! xxx

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