Friday, August 17, 2012

It's a small world folks!

Photo - Ian Thurtell

Photo - Ian Thurtell

As you know dolls, I'm up in Stilbaai (Still Bay) with the long suffering boyfriend who is taking pictures of a surf event for Zig Zag.

I had an awesome moment last night when the people we are staying with, whom we don't know from a bar of soap (such a strange expression), recognised me from my 'The Surf Widow Diaries' column on Wavescape.

So proud, they were all in agreement that being a surfer's girlfriend is a full time job but overall quite legendary, the general consensus is that one can survive anywhere guaranteed there are CLEAN western toilets and loo paper. Agreed.

Anyway, you know the world is a small place and this is always proved to me whenever I leave Cape Town and meet new people. I love it when this happens! This event is specifically organised for winemakers around Cape Town and it's called the Vintners Surf Classic. So basically people who surf and make wine. Which means last night I was slugging back R200/R300 bottles of wine by the braai instead of my famous 1659 brand that's R20.00 a bottle from Spar, chocolate infused, dry as bark but it makes you tipsy and horny which works for me.

Lo and behold I see, Mel, my friendly coffee come surf shop chick from the Boardroom in Hout Bay, where I go to be a cheap whore and slug back Cafe Mocha's, update my blog and talk kak with the owners and waiters there. All such awesome, laid back people. So Mel now works for Vitamin Water and entertains people on the road, she taught me how to hula hoop (it's all in the hips, which I am well endowed with) and to yo-yo (still really difficult to master, almost klapped myself in the head).
Mel is actually a wedding dress designer and as soon as I get her details we can drool over her dreamy dresses.

The event went off smoothly, it was so well organised it was hard to believe it was actually organised by surfer's. We were treated to homemade minestrone soup, sloppy joes, massages, vitamin water in every flavour and good tunes. The waves were cooking, 6ft with a seriaas paddle out, much fun was had by all thanks to the yo-yo's and hula hoops and lots of talk about wine and waves.

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