Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Billabong Lust List

I first saw one of these amazeballs wetsuits on Padang Padang beach in Bali. I remember I couldn't stop oogling at the chick because she looked like a Bond Girl from the 60's. I was besotted. Who new one could look so kak sexy in a wetsuit? The cut, panels and colours are so flattering to the female form why are they only making these babies now ... If every chick that surfs had one of these we'd own the waves, okes would be falling off their boards at the sight of our curves ... hehe
The Navy Blue suit is my FAVOURITE{both the sleeveless and the shorty}.
It's called The Surf Capsule Collection by Billabong and this what they've got to say;

This collection is inspired by Billabong's roots and embodies a classic californian vintage style.
The Surf Capsule swim range is made with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® Fibre - the long lasting Fit Promise
Swimwear with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre goes above and beyond.

- Resists fibre breakage and swimwear fit loss caused by pool water + sunscreen + heat
- Stands up to the swimwear environment 5 times longer than chlorine-resistant elastane
- Resists fabric bag and sag for a lasting, gorgeous fit

Once fabric degradation starts, it doesn’t stop even when the fabric is out of the water. XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre resists degradation from the swim environment and resists even the toughest of elements all season long.

XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre is the all-embracing solution for swimwear. Ensure that your swimwear has that something XTRA

The Surf Capsule Collection

More of The Surf Capsule Collection

White Wash Collection

Also on my Billabong Lust List is the White Wash Collection. This Bird of a Feather dress totally sings to my soul. I had one just like it when I was a kid. It reminds me of salty, hot summer days and nights. Would go beautifully with a pair of wood/leather wedges. * Le Sigh* 

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