Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Bloom's 2nd Birthday! Let's eat cake.

It's my 2nd birthday today! Read my first ever post ... here (I've come a long way mmmkay)

I wish I was turning 2, it would be acceptable to have dimply thighs and chubby cheeks but no I am still 24, however yesterday was my blogs two year anniversary.

Over the last two years I have loved being candid with my readers, you've heard it all, from my seriaas money troubles, my constant battle with my thighs, the rants about politics and body issues, moving out, moving home to live with the fandamily, my strange take on fashion and my obessive Crunchie eating.

In the last two years;
  • I have bitched about the state of my thighs in 27 posts (Who needs a therapist?)
  • Complained about the migration of my boobs in 10 posts (Time for that boob repair job)
  • Helped you find the 'Look of the Day's 91 times (probably more cos I only figured out how to tag posts last year)
  • Alerted you to 40 hair/fashion and beauty trends (read above)
  • Hamilton (one's all round best friend, fashion hoer, and PIC) has featured in 25 posts
  • I have given you detailed instructions on how NOT to wax your poen twice (which I believe is more than enough, I'm sure you all agree)
  • Beth Ditto got 2 mentions  (not entirely sure why)
  • I've kept you informed about my terrible eating habits and diet/exercise fails in 12 posts
  • 32 posts included your weekend instructions (Cheers to the Freakin Weekend)
My most popular posts have been;

Men! You ladies love these shexy beasts!

Beauty / Body Posts

The post that made me famous among Surf Widows


So as you can see there are some fashionable topics missing here and that's because as much as you loved them (and boy did you love them) they weren't as LOL as these. Thanks for your support, your hilarious comments and  helping me keep it real.
Let me know which posts were your all time fave (or which new topics you'd love to read about) in the comments section below.


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