Friday, September 14, 2012

Shopping Bag Art

Shopaholic Ahoy!
I don't know about you but I know us Camps Bay girls were a little bit wack about shopping bags, it was normal for us to use them as school bags and tog bags. I never actually bought any designer clothes in order to own a designer shopping bag but I had tons of them.
My mom worked in the recycling depot and used to keep all the bags for me that were chucked out by the laanie Camps Bay bietse. Along with our strange bag fetish we also loved glossy magazines, I mean what teenager doesn't, we used to tear out all the desinger ad campaigns and plak them on our bedroom walls.
This could be the reason why we all have such crewed up body issues.
Anyway, I found these images on Pinterest and I thought that displaying them framed is such a lovely way to decorate your dressing room. Do you have any designer shopping bags that are too pretty to part with? Do you frame them or use them in aninteresting way? Leave me a comment below.

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