Friday, September 21, 2012

Sincerely Jules and Her Amazing Shoes


Here's some advice, don't look at Sincerely, Jules when you know your bank statement looks as terminally ill as mine. But just appreciate her incredible ability to always look effortlessly stylish.

Trends she works that you need to take note of;

The floral dress is the statement dress for this summer. The print must be big, bold and bright!

The ankle strap heel is hot! But beware on the width of the strap around your ankles, depending the shape and length on your legs, they can be very unflattering.

Camo is back! Don't give me that face, you won't be forced to wear camo pants like the 90's All Saints look. Think little camo jackets and shirts. Pair with dressy shorts and ballet pumps.

Lumo is everywhere, if you've walked into a Mr Price lately you'll be bombarded with an optic shock! The trick with lumo is to keep it simple otherwise you'll look like a bad roller disco queen ... or  worse, a teenager. Pair lumo dresses, t-shirts and shorts with white/grey or beige garments or just stick to lumo accessories.

If you're rocking the tribal prints, then you're perfectly on trend. Keep it chic with a structured black blazer or waistcoat.

Sheer is not a trend for the faint hearted or insecure. Make sure you have the right undergarments for a sheer shirt or skirt.

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