Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Subscribe and Win with Cape Town

Mooi backpack and cap from Hurley. I'm a sucker for shopping bags too so I WILL find a use for it!
About a month ago, ye old boyfriend informed me his celebrity status would be on the up after     Cape Town Surfers asked to interview him. Of course, late one night two days before it had to be handed in he was grilling me about himself, "what do you think is my greatest achievement"? Me: "Meeting me and keeping me trundeling along with you for the last seven years", I quipped.

Nevertheless, the man completed the interview and it was promptly sent off. 48 hours later Ian was deemed a well known Surf Photographer. I informed him I would be riding his coat tails all the way. Seeing as I have waited patiently in rusty cars for him all along the South African coast while he got the 'perfect' shot.

I am super proud of him, he's been working his skinny behind off for the better part of a decade making a name for himself as a humble surf photographer.

Anyway, after I read the interview I subscribed to Cape Town Surfer's emails so I could read more of their weekly profiles on surf industry professionals and icons and lo and behold I won their Hurley competition.

This is a small miracle for me as I rarely win anything, in previous posts I have mentioned winning stuff which you can read here but I've been super lucky this last month.

Yesterday I rocked up at the Hurley stall in the V&A Waterfront all smug face and proud to claim my prize. I picked this backpack because it's lined with this sweet bright blue on the inside (unfortunately Ian ran off before I could ask him to photograph that part).

It's perfect for a trip to Bali (hint hint - dad) and just trekking down to old Llandudno.
Thanks a MILLION to Shannon from Cape Town Surfers.

P.s I look lekker hosh in the cap.

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