Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Baby Jesus Birthday Celebration (Also known as Christmas)

Highlight of Christmas

1.      getting to wear the super shexy Billabong bikini le boyfriend bought me (my boobs finally made a comeback thanks to some discreet padding.)

2.      eating cherry chocolate liqueur’s

3.      swimming at Llandudno

4.      being spoilt rotten by the famiglia

5.      healthy Christmas lunch (Italian tomato soup, crispy/crunchy potatoes with rosemary and salad - no pigging out  = no guilt

1.      missing my cujino’s (cousins) in London +Joburg

2.      smashing my beautiful/favourite/one-of-a-kind lamp (by mistake)

3.      the disgusting language that followed

4.      Woolworths being closed after 2pm. Brand Fail.

The plan for next year is to go to Rumbullion at the Roundhouse in Camps Bay for breakfast/lunch/dinner (pick one) and get smashed on the lawn and eat poshy food. Can’t wait!

Hope your Christmas was fab dolls and I hope you have a stunning holiday no matter what you’re up to. You’ll find me at either Bakoven or Llandudno, eating granadilla lollies and soaking up the sun.

Love, love.

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