Thursday, December 13, 2012

Garnier BB Cream Review

If you’ve met me then you’ll know I’m pretty fucking useless when it comes to make-up. I wear it, of course, but I’m no expert at application. I’ve never really given a shite whether it is expensive or not, which is why if you enter the Clicks in Hout Bay you’ll find me digging in the sale baskets, for shame.
I’ve had the same lipstick for like five years, a red Dior from my mom and I always buy the same old mascara, Maybelline – I had to check – the one with the green lid and pink bottom. It’s cheap and it makes me lashes look ridiculously thick and long.

The only beauty product I’m at real odds with is foundation. I can’t wear anything too thick otherwise I have breakouts and I hate anything too shear that doesn’t give any coverage to those awful monthly period pimples and the wonderful – not - dark circles under my eyes which I inherited from my dad.
When I heard about BB cream I was like, “miracle cream, really?”, but I bought it anyway because my skin was looking really dull from lack of sleep and for R80.00 it’s not like I was breaking the bank if it didn’t pan out.

After reading Leigh’s (Lipgloss is my life) review about a similar product I knew that I might need a little more moisture before applying it to my face, so that it spreads easily, clever girl.
It’s not like my face became acne scar free but it did a good job of covering up my broken blood vessels – also inherited – and lightened up the dark circles under my eyes. I looked like I’d been slightly air brushed which works well for me because I’m not a fan of heavy make-up looks.

The one thing I found a bit of a hassle was applying eye shadow over the BB cream, it made it patchy, and so I used crème eye shadow instead. Overall I looked glowy!
It’s perfect for everyday use and I’m sure the more I use it the more I’ll see the results. It’s enriched with Vitamin C to boost your skin’s radiance, giving you a luminous complexion. It has mineral pigments which give you that airbrushed look and an SPF 15 – this is all off the side of the box!

I’m very stoked to have finally found a product that fits my lifestyle, uncomplicated and all-in-one. Give it a try dolls.

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