Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Environ Lip gloss & Eye Shadow Duo

I was spoiled rotten this Christmas and one of my favourite gifts was from my boyfriends mom, Trish. (Thanks Trishi!)

I've never used Environ products before this. My eye shadow compact is from the Body Shop and it's embarrassingly old but I love the little mirror and the shadow colours; brown and black. I use the black shadow as a soft eyeliner but other than that I have no neutral eye shadow palettes, so this is perfect.

The light shadow is great for highlighting and the beige I love for everyday use, it's very sheer but goes on nicely.

I don't think I've worn lip gloss since high school, (you all know by now how lazy I am on the beauty front), I forgot how amazing it is! My lips look so much more pronounced when I wear it. Lipstick can be so ageing.
It smells even better, like coconut and berries!

If you're looking for an Environ agent please contact Nancy from Hidden Beauty Salon 073 313 6150

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