Thursday, January 24, 2013

My week in tweets ...

Yes I screen grabbed all my tweets this week because I desperately want you to follow me on Twitter @agirlinbloom

No that's not it, really it's to show you I that I really need more work. For instance my diary is filled with superficial tasks of absolutely no importance such as;

Watching the whole eighth season of Grey's Anatomy. (It's so hectic guys, the whole saga with Christina and Owen is just so damn cry-your-eyeballs-out, boyfriend-becomes-very-worried-about-your-mental-health.)

Dyeing my hair because 2 weeks of bad hair days is just unacceptable. I really need to pay a visit to my Verona *sing it*! Verona is my amazeballs hairstylist who works at Shine On Hair in Sea Point. Five weeks ago she made me look so damn shexy I couldn't stop kyking myself out in shop windows. (I know, so sad).

Cleaning because unless you haven't figured it out yet I have radical OCD cleaning habits. You can literally eat off my kitchen floor. Go on, eat off it!

A little bit of daily marketing,secretarial duties and thinking up cool columns and then avoiding actually writing them. (I do get paid to do stuff, ya know).

All of which have been done from the comfort of my bed/couch and in my pj's.

And so despite all this, please will you pass around my details to your friends. I have emailed off countless job ads, ground down all my teeth coming up with cover letters and yet still no gainful employment. I'm definitely blaming it on the economy. If all else fails I'm going to get a banner made as big as Table Mountain declaring "Call me for a good time or excellent typing skills".

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