Friday, February 8, 2013

Hot Dog Yoga Studio

Yesterday evening Hamilton (my PIC and best friend in all the world) invited me to a yoga class. I have only been to two yoga classes before but nothing like this.

Hot Dog Yoga Studio is in Sea Point opposite the Piazza St John and it's truly beautiful. Walking up the steps there is a chalkboard wall with the words "Breathe In" and "Breathe Out", the interior is so calming (of course). We were greeted at the desk and asked "Hot or Not", as in a hot class or a normal class, we opted for normal as we were planning on stuffing our faces at The Backyard later on that evening and didn't want to  be completely drenched in sweat afterwards.

I do Pilates and I love it but Yoga is something entirely different, spiritual and enlightening. Walk in classes are R100 per person, if you don't own a yoga mat they have them for rent at R10.00 and there is a rainbow of colours to choose from. I had my own but I was so tempted to take them all home.

My instructor was Hylton, his voice totally put me in such a trance and he even managed to get my body to relax and fall over itself. I felt so supple and rejuvenated afterwards. The man is so strong he picked me up by my feet and had me hanging in the air like a chilled out monkey.

If you're looking to get fit, supple and want to feel calm and confident you MUST check this studio out. I've promised Hamilton we're going to go as often as possible!

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