Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm a working woman!

Well I got a job. But not the kind of job you think. But it's a job and for some reason experienced and qualified copywriters/journalists/columnists are having a major problemo with finding work or it could just be me. I swear I am a nice person, why am I so unemployable?

I am working for my Padre again. If you have followed my blog right from the beginning, way back in like the middle ages before I had moved out of home and was still able to eat expensive cream cheeses and have long hot showers that didn't involve switching on and off the geyser then you would know that the reason I started this blog was to rant ... about this here job I've just taken back.

But I've matured dudes. (I know. I just said 'dudes' and that's rather immature but that's how I praat ne!)
And I've got a new position/s within the company ... Assistant Manager and Marketing Manager.

This is waaay better than being a P.A and did I mention that it is half days which means I can still churn out the old copy, columns and edit some of the crap people write. (People are crap writers I tell you. Some of the kak I edit is unbelievable.)

To be honest, I think my dad was kyking out my vrot old clothes and checking out how skinny I've got in the last couple months and came to the decision that I am not far from downgrading to bergie status. I promise, I am not that bad off but let's just say it could be better.

I'm actually seriously excited to be back because I've missed the team and all the camaraderie, the clients and abusing the internet (for work reasons of course - all totally legit I swear) but mostly I loved seeing the results, making the impossible happen.

So ya, I celebrated by shopping of course. What else is a girl to do! Ha! Mr Price and Woolies are always my one stop shops for instant fashion gratification and zero guilt. Besides, I'm getting a pay cheque this month! Weeeeeee!

* Check out the above post to see what I spent my grocery money on (again).

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