Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Splurge Alert!

As per the post below I told you about my klein shopping spree at Woolies and Mr Price and why I felt the need to spend the last of my bucks (a located for feeding myself) on clothes. But frankly the wardrobe department (my cupboard) is looking a bit shite. 

These sunnies have been on my radar for a while now and I've always wanted a pair of cat eyes but not so cat-eye-y that you looked like you've been watching a little too much Mad Men and you can't drag yourself away from cleaning the kitchen while smoking a Vogue. 
You know what I mean right?

R180.00 from Woolworths

These babies were random buys but man do I love them. The blouse has a little half moon sunflower print and it's sheer which is perfect for a little sexy/fun at work. The loose lilac jersey is also slightly sheer (channeling Bridget Jones here, dear) and they both look amazeballs with my black cigarette pants (also from Woolies - obsessed much). 

The workout bra. Can you actually have too many of these? I have three. One hideous lumo pink one that is so tight I just about go into cardiac arrest when I squeeze into it. My other is spandex, a dusty pink and purple that is reversible. I actually wear it more often than my bra's because it's so damn comfy and bra's are horrible restrictive contraptions. This one is such a pretty teal colour and I love the adjustable straps. 

Nothing I bought from Mr P was over R60.00 (Love you Mr P)
What do you think of my little splurge?

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