Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tramp Stamp

I always wanted to be a badass bitch, a tattooed drummer for a 90's rock band like Garbage or Hole however my parents didn't think it was suitable for a young lady to take drumming lessons so they sent my brother instead. I managed to sneak a tattoo onto my wrist at seventeen and the only reason they didn't flip out was because I was an emotional wreckage after my gran died and it has her name in it, 'Vida'. I used the birthday money they gave me to get inked. They weren't very impressed to say the least. 

But then on my maiden voyage of rebellion I took a responsible turn and got really good at vaccuming and helping my brother study for his matric exams. (Long story there, I've told you this before.)

So although my love of tattoo's still burns fiercely, I haven't been in for more. Until Ian (my divine and long suffering boyfriend) decided it was high time he added onto his and this is the picture that inspired him. 

I really love the blue ink and the polynesian design, this is something I would do too except around my wrist. The boyf is going for a shoulder one that flows under his arm. My dad just gave me some moola (because he's cool like that - btw this never happens) so I've decided it's going to be a life time investment ... on my body. 

Here are some other tattoo's that make me madly jealous;

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