Friday, April 12, 2013

Llandudno Tan-a-thon: Bye bye summer!

It's all over guys, summer is gone. This weekend is the last weekend that we'll have sunny days and so I organised a tan-a-thon on Llandudno beach with all my girls to say our farewells to the beauty of the sun and the crystal cold swims in our Atlantic ocean.

Afternoons spent licking granadilla lollies, having that ciggie after an ice cold dip and the tantalising salty breeze that blows through your sun lightened tresses, the feeling of coming home after a beach day and standing in the shower washing off the sand and the coolness rushing over your tanned, hot skin.

I'm going to cry. I  L O V E Summer.
So if you're free tomorrow from 10am onwards come down to Llandudno beach with a brolli, some snacks and get yourself some rays.

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