Friday, May 10, 2013

Juki & Seal: The Torpet Project

Once upon a time I went to Primary School. It was hell. Mostly because Cecilie Thulin (yes you Seal) bullied the crap out of me.

And when I say 'bully', I mean thought up elaborate plans to prove just how gullible and pathetically desperate for friends I really was. I was a sad little person but luckily I had good friends like Hamilton and Natalie (Saturday Girl SA) and Sheri (SA Fashion Girl) to mop up my snotty tears, there were lots of them.

In truth, she was brilliant, Seal, that is. Highly intelligent and obviously majorly bored with the slow pace and unexciting adventures of schooling in South Africa. She would write plays and songs then perform them during breaks, employing us as bit players in her inspired productions. It was honestly terrifying to watch but hard to ignore. Her creativity was and still is boundless.

Nowadays when she is not terrorizing small children (jokes) she is writing and recording music, real-honest-to-god music (and I mean this because have you dudes actually heard the state of music blaring out of radios these days, I know I sound so flipping old) with lyrics that remind me of moments in my own life, lyrics that form into actual memories. As a writer (well ... that's debatable) or rather a lover or words I take lyrics quite seriously and Seal's are composed so naturally that it mimics the flow of our own inner monologues (plus sometimes they are kak funny).

This is getting deep yo! Anyway she mostly writes about her own love stories which, let me tell you, are rather entertaining!

Seal is recording an album with her friend (well more than friends I think) Juki. They make beautiful music together and are looking for support through Indiegogo.

Listen to their 'greatest hit' (according to all our friends) Crowded Room, below. It's goose pimple inducing, I warn you. Now go check out their website and show your appreciation on Indiegogo

She was amazeballs / Love you Seal

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