Friday, May 10, 2013

The Pencil Skirt : A Personal Fashion Discovery

I have never worn a pencil skirt. Ever. Not even for work purposes. Not even to a funeral. Because when I think of pencil skirts those are the kind of situations I would imagine wearing one too. So, over all, pencil skirt's are not high up on my fashionable-items-to-wear list. 

Until I went on a little (read: I never bought anything, at all) shopping trip in town with Hamilton. We started off our day at Beleza, which used to be my favourite place to have a cheap and delicious breakfast (R16.00), however this time it was horrible; soggy eggs, the waitress forgot my tomato and my bacon was still squealing on my plate it was so under cooked. Worst of all, one can't even enjoy a little ciggie on the balcony anymore. Bummer. 

From there we walked past the company gardens down to the Good Hope Market for a browse, very quiet, no clothes being sold that day so we continued our journey to Mr Price where we had a marathon 'trying-on' session that led to the lady in charge of the changing rooms to give us side-glances and huge sighs every time we stood in the queue. In her defense, we did have armfuls of clothes when you are only allowed 6 items at a time but what women in her right mind only picks 6 items to fit right? 

Hamilton tried on a peach-pink denim pencil skirt and she looked so mooi in it  that I practically cried when she said she wasn't going to take it which led me to trying it on too. I've never really had a waist before I started doing Pilates (that's another story I'll have to get to) I was all hips and a round tummy so trying on clothing has a whole new result for me, which is rather exciting. 

Turns out, I can work a pencil skirt!!!  I almost bought the skirt, but took one look at the wrap-around-the-entire-store queue and changed my mind. Mr Price has seriously got to sort that shit out (no offense guys, but it's seriously OTT). This is the look I'm going for. Now all I have to do is order this baby online!

What do you dolls think, great look?

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