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My name is Jodi Leza, well technically Leza is my second name. Don't even ask for the surname. I have surname shame. I am a self confessed rant/fashion/beauty/chocolate/vino addict. You can get in touch with me via my email jodileza@gmail.com.

Am rocking the balayage there.
I live in Cape Town, the city with the mostest, with The BF, in our teeny tiny apartment in Hout Bay (where only the weird live). I work full time as a freelance copywriter via my little but legendary business 'write a lot dot'.

Back in the day I was a lowly Journalism student at Shitty Varsity, sorry City Varsity. Where I was taught a number of lessons;
1. Do not ask your lecturer what your marks are because he is most likely nursing a hangover and I quote; "does not have time to read that shit".
2. Real journalists make excellent lecturers as they spend hours recounting their in depth investigative stories to you as lesson plans.
3. Rather get into advertising or television because you will most likely be broke forever on a journalists salary.

4. And lots of other complicated journalistic terms and writing skills.
Shortly after graduating Journalism and Media studies I traveled to Australia, Bali, Singapore and Thailand in a bid to see the world.

 I clearly didn't get very far as my father called me back to get to work in the family business, where I was obligated to work for the rest of my days or one and a half years. In a bid to escape the clutches of my over protective dad, and the desperate boredom that is the office day job, I quit.

At first there was the intial panic of realising I would not be able to afford lovely shoes and such fashionable items,  now I am loving being freelance and having my own time.
I have covered topics from politics and events to surfing and fashion. No subject is out of bounds for me.
I am absolutely besotted with blogging, it's good to have an honest and creative outlet where people actually love you if you're a tad bit mental.
The plan for the future includes my very own column in a real life magazine, an apartment with plenty of built in cupboards, slimmer thighs, business success and a lot more traveling.
That is all, as you were ...

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